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Chubby's BBQ CO

3 Pack Combo Deal

3 Pack Combo Deal

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Get all three favors for ONE LOW PRICE! 

Meat Sweats

You ever have a relative that would hug you tight and call you sugar bear? And that same relative would smack you if you got out of line? Our Meat Sweat Seasoning is just like that. First it hugs you with warm brown sugar, then slaps your wrists with black pepper. Either way your gonna be feeling the love with this one.

Chub Rub

Anyone who has adult sized thighs has experienced some chub rub, but with this Chub Rub you're actually going to want it! Inspired by a place with amazing BBQ and the humid climate that makes your inner thighs angry. It's salty, it's sweet, it's well seasoned, it's everything you want on a hunk of meat.


There's always one big guy who's a sweet heart until he's angry. Much like his XXXL size, this seasoning is not to be taken lightly. Sprinkle this one and enjoy the layer of sweetness covering up a fiery hot temper. That guy and this flavor have one thing in common: sweet smoldering intensity that will leave you begging for more.

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